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25 Best Modern Kitchen Ideas

Looking for ideas to inspire your next kitchen redesign? Here are some ideas to give life to your space. 

Whether you are giving your 80s space a makeover, revamping your rental space, or doing a full-fledged renovation, your kitchen deserves all the attention you can spare. Kitchens are your escapade to prepare some lip-smacking meals, entertain your closest friends, gather around the counter with your kids and spend tons of time making memories.

From fixtures to paint colors, there’s a lot at stake during the renovation and if you wish to transform your dream cooking space into reality, creating a modern design is no cakewalk. Even the smallest kitchen upgrades can make a huge difference. Scrolling to gather inspiration for your next kitchen design? Well, we have compiled a roundup of modern kitchen ideas featuring enticing ideas on a budget.

1. The Sunny Side Up

If you want to inject personality into your otherwise simple kitchen, some vibrant tones of bright yellow can be a great way to add interest. Especially when you have hardwood flooring or any other contrasting shades in your kitchen, having a bright outlook can be a game-changer.

2. Gallery Walls

Gallery walls in interior design are a fad that aren’t going to fade anytime soon and kitchens are no exception to this. You can fill your kitchen with your favorite artworks with antique and gold finishes or wooden frames to create a visually striking appeal.

3. Contrast is the new cool

When we are talking about elegant modern kitchens, contrast is the new hype. You can see modern colorful kitchens with subtle dash of colors in different corners to create saturation and balance.

4. Brass accents for the win

Brass accents have that charming tone to elevate any interior with their swankiness. Add faucets or door knobs with brass accents to integrate a quirky touch to your mundane ambiance.

5. Open Up

If you know modern kitchen designs, you probably already know how open kitchens are trending. Blend the space between your kitchen and dining area and you can get a cohesive look that makes your kitchen feel large.

6. Two-toned beauty

Combining dark and light shades can create contrast between the cabinetry and walls. With glove pendant lights and an elevated color scheme you can adopt modern kitchen ideas in New York that have two-toned beauty hidden in them.


7. Nature’s best friend

Modern homes aren’t about everything modern and sleek. You can also get a rugged stone countertop or a waterfall countertop in your cooking space to get a natural finish to your modern kitchen.  

8. Bold Lines

Believe it or not, using lines can draw the eyes around a room. Yes, it is a classic designer trick and simple as anything. Matched with your flooring, lines can serve as a focal point between your kitchen and the adjacent area.

9. Blue Backsplash

Did you ever imagine that you can reinvent your kitchen by just swapping out the backlash? Yes, you heard that right. Swap out any normal backsplash with a calming blue hue to achieve a sleek and tranquil appeal.

10. Go for Gold

Plan your kitchen with gold tones. Monochrome shades like matte black can tie any room together. But experimenting with gold, statement tones can render your kitchen the luxurious personality it deserves.

11. Go Green

Green never goes out of style and with a hexagonal backsplash or plain forest green accents, you can easily customize your kitchen stunningly.

12. Raw wood accents

The raw wood accents and neutral toned walls can be a great way to drive in that Nordic-industrial aura inside your modern home.

13. Classic is the new contemporary

If you love clean vibe with an elegant touch then include the classic quotient in your modern luxury kitchens. It looks splendidly timeless and the vintage pieces can shine in even the most modern of spaces.

14. Checkerboard Flooring

Imagine cooking in a spacious kitchen tiled in handmade glazed white terra-cotta with checkerboard floors. Yes, that’s what a kitchen in paradise looks like!  If you love drama or personalization, adding a monochrome kitchen chalkboard paint to your kitchen can be a brilliant idea. Write something heartrending and get creative to achieve a look that no paint can get you.

15. Geometric is the new hype

Add some geometry to your modern cabinets. We are talking about incorporating geometric shapes here to your kitchen storage to fill the room with texture.

16. Beamed Ceilings

Blessed are those who have showstopping architectural features like soaring beamed ceilings. If you have one, show it off with style with lower cabinets and striking neutral paints.

17. Square breakfast nook

Create a cozy breakfast nook in your kitchen with a large, squared-off family dining table. Make it easier for de-facto dining space everyday instead of wasting the available kitchen space for more than enough walking area.

18. Whimsical Touches

Add something quirky to your modern kitchen design. Gone are the days when modern kitchen ideas meant bland minimalistic corners. Now, modern means exciting.

19. Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirrors can make any room look bigger and your kitchen is no exception to that.

20. Lights!

You might have seen expensive light fixtures in every in-demand home design lately. Countertop or pendant lights can be a great way to illuminate every minute detail and get that charming, fresh vibe in a fresh and unexpected way.

21. The aquamarine hero

Every revivalist décor involves blue tones. If you love one, aquamarine kitchen with custom oak floors in Escher-like pattern can be a win-win!

22. Open shelving

Just like the dining area, you can also open up the shelves. Keep a sensible amount of open shelving for some of your most displayable valuables.

23. Show off ceramics

The modern classic kitchen designs usually have ceramics on the display. You can use ceramics or something similar to draw eyeballs towards the plain palate of your wall.

24. Pastel fun

Pastel isn’t just for your private rooms like bedrooms or living areas, it can also jazz up your kitchen with its subtle stroke of drama and beautiful textures.

25. The Scandinavian Twist

The Scandi designs involve minimalist decorations with neutral tones. Mix wood grain textures with hardwood floors and natural, rustic tones to create neutral accents that lure eyes. Use plenty of natural light of course, and your décor would come out beautifully.


Whether you love chic paint colors that elevate your interiors in a jiffy or you love bold backsplashes, marble countertops, and stainless-steel accents in your kitchen design, always prefer to opt for professional help. Seasoned decorators can aid you to avoid costly mistakes while making your kitchen trendy with a touch of classic. Up for a stunning makeover? Reach out to the interior design experts now!