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25 Best Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

Gone are the days when outdoor kitchens meant a standalone grill with a small cook space. Now, outdoor kitchens include features like sinks, bars, grills, and appliances such as pizza ovens, grill islands, swanky countertops, and stainless-steel refrigerators that every decor enthusiast daydream about.

Do you love cooking al fresco? Are you already sold on the concept of an outdoor custom kitchen, but just struggling to come up with some ideas? Then here is some inspiration for your modern outdoor kitchens. Dive into these 25 amazing design ideas and make your kitchen island look extra special.

1. Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

One thing that every family can agree on is pizza night. If you frequently entertain people at your place, you love savory pies cooked up in your backyard, or you want to whip up something nice for your vintage theme, then a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven can do the job right!

2. Vertical Garden

Having a vibrant and modern outdoor kitchen can steal the show for your unique outdoor kitchen. With towering multi-colored foliage and manicured design, the walls of your outdoor kitchen can look no less than modern art.

3. The L Marvel

If you are designing an outdoor kitchen, using an L-shaped pattern for a sleek, modern design can be rather enticing. Place your grill, a mini fridge and beautifully contrasting, dark wood cabinets for a minimal touch.

4. Stone Outdoor kitchen

Are you more of a vintage soul trapped in a millennial body? Would you love something rustic and vintage for your outdoor custom kitchen? Then a stone outdoor kitchen with stainless steel countertops can just be the balance between retro and metro.

5. Patio Kitchen

Add a pop of color, create some cozy seating areas and change your patio flooring to hardwood for a stunning patio kitchen. You can also get some greens and place them in your patio to create a statement with your modern outdoor kitchen.

6. Rustic Custom Outdoor Kitchen

You can create an entertaining outdoor space between troves of shady trees. Have your barbecue grill ready and bring in some natural stone décor with lots of spots for lounging. It will be your perfect hangout space!

7. The Open-air Concept

Create a kitchen outfitted with water and electricity alongside a vegetable garden and edgy dining space. It will almost be like your French escapade that binds your soul with the aesthetics.

8. Mixed Material Wonder

Create a long, linear outdoor kitchen and dining area with a mix of concrete, brick, wood and stainless steel. With a clear glass sheet trailing and vaulted skylight, an outdoor kitchen can include plenty of storage space to eliminate annoying trips back and forth between outdoor and indoor kitchens.

9. Industrial Kitchen

Get a compact grilling station with industrial steel appliances, matte black wood fencing and ample greenery to define your lounge spaces and soften the industrial vibes of the outdoor kitchen. Prioritize minimal fabrics and create an open-concept layout to connect the indoors and outdoors.

10. Bar Style

Create a stunning landscape clad in the warm wood siding to create a cohesive look. Get tall stools near a countertop and a grill. Also, have some chairs located a few feet away for sit-down meals as well as large gatherings.

11. Rooftop Affair

Create a fine-dining experience on your rooftop with shades of white, blue, gray and subtle hues. With a contemporary theme, a freestanding table and textural backsplash, your rooftop kitchen can be the focal point of your interior design.

12. Lakefront Kitchen

If you have a lakefront home where you frequently entertain guests, kitchen spaces can be designed with a view. You can have life-size windows opening up to the great outdoors when you design your kitchen space with a tranquil theme.

13. U-Shaped Kitchen

Create a U-shaped kitchen countertop. On the left you can place a pizza over with a trash/recycle bin. The centre island can comprise of the skin and refreshment center and craft a bar seating available for your guests.

14. The Hamptons Style

Do you have an expansive, secluded outdoor kitchen in your backyard? Then a Hamptons style kitchen is what your dreams are made up of. Use calming shades of grey that compliment your roaring fireplace, state-of-the-art cooking equipment and cabinetry, so that your kitchen aesthetics resemble the Victorian theme.

15. Balcony Kitchen

Yes, you heard that right! In case you don’t have a backyard that can accommodate your large outdoor kitchen and you are more of a condo dweller, set up your kitchen, grilling station and lounge seating area in your balcony with some greens. It would look spectacular and you can have a quirky outdoor kitchen.

16. Minimalist Kitchen

You can also decorate your rooftop or outdoor kitchen with a minimalist approach. Opt for neutral hues, and build your kitchen against a mixed stone or brick background with ample lighting to create a bright yet subtle impact.

17. Corner Kitchen

Corner kitchens are quite the fad now because they save space and to be very honest corner kitchens look incredible in their most glorified form. Just reclaim the wood planters and get tall wood fencing for shade and privacy.

18. Contrast

Contrast in your kitchen can give it a casual chic urban vibe. The sleek white minimalism when paired with sun-bleached pop colors can look scintillating like a part of timeless architecture.

19. A Barbecue Grill and Prep Station

You can add a dark wood pergola design in your outdoor kitchen to create the aesthetics of a classic adobe style stonework. Pair the setting with a striking contrast with dark red tiles or any brightly colored accent and this will give your kitchen an unexpected pop of color.

20. Corrugated Metal Outdoor Bar

If you love the sound of rain bounce off a tin roof, you can create a tin roof for our outdoor bar for visual interest and beautiful soundscape during stormy weather. Use oak toned wood accents with a string of outdoor lights for curating something marvelous and dreamy.\

21. Minimalist Green

Minimalist themes aren’t just meant for the interiors, they can also make your outdoor shine. Use a ceramic smoke style grill, open shelving and a touch of plant life to create a minimalistic marvel out of scratch.

22. Crate Shelving

If you already have a roaring pizza oven or a grill in place, but you need an area for staging and prep, use crates for shelving and they can hold plates and dishwashers for you.

23. Versatile stone work

Create a full-scale outdoor dining space with versatile stone work and deep counter top. Unlike the stone background, use a mix of stone and granite style counter in the top of aged stonework.

24. Wood and Stone

Outdoor kitchens with wood and stone prep areas can give your space a warm, cozy feel within a cost-effective price range.

25. The Country Chic Paradox

Yes, you heard that right! You can also create a country chic ambiance with changing things up with darker wood. It gives your outdoor kitchen a glamorous touch and to top the aesthetics you can also add barn-style lights and rope cabinets.

The Bottom Line

People are moving their parties whenever possible and outdoor kitchens are in the rage now when we are talking about increasing attention to style and decor. There is simply something primal and deeply satisfying about cooking or enjoying a meal outdoors. When it is about grilling burgers for a weekend barbecue or toasting marshmallows, entertaining and socializing feel less fraught when you do it on your outdoor kitchen island.

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