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4 Tips to Design the Best Modern Outdoor Kitchen

Modern Outdoor Kitchens can be a great way to utilise your outdoor space. A lot of homeowners these days are opting to invest in creating modern luxury kitchens to provide a fresh look to their outdoors. It is a great place to barbecue and share a memorable time with family and friends.

Modern outdoor kitchens are an extension of your living room. There are factors that you need to consider such as material type, item selection and colours to build up a stylish and warm corner.

What factors should you consider before you start designing your modern outdoor kitchen?

A functional modern kitchen should make use of your full outdoor space to offer a simple yet warm look. Given below are certain factors that will help you decide how to optimally use your outdoor space: –

1. Determination of the kitchen size: – Modern kitchens function optimally when built in a small space. Make use of your outdoor structures to build your fundamentals. Make sure that the area is well-ventilated and lit before you start designing.

a. Try to invest in storage spaces that are leakproof. You can also choose to invest in a high-quality grill for grilling and barbecuing and a small refrigerator to store fruit, vegetable and condiments.

2. Choose the appliances that you would be installing for your kitchen: –It is best to choose stainless steel appliances as they are durable. They are resistant to corrosion and damage caused by heat and therefore are an excellent choice for the outdoors.

a. Choose sleek appliances that get along with the colour scheme of your modern outdoor kitchen. Your kitchen should be equipped with a sink, storage spaces, an island or a space for prepping food and storing appliances.

3. Choose the furniture required for the sitting area: – A modern kitchen doesn’t require tables but it does require chairs. Thus, choose to invest in sleek and light chairs that complement the colour scheme of your modern outdoor kitchen.

a. If your modern kitchen is customized to look a certain way you can also choose to invest in customized chairs.

4. Determination of the kitchen shape: – There are two common shapes that you can choose for your outdoor kitchen and they are as follows: –

  • L-shaped modern kitchens: – L-shaped kitchens are built to enhance efficiency. It is the perfect kitchen to cook as well entertain guests.
  • The longer side of the kitchen is used for prepping and preparing food, and storing appliances and dishes while the shorter side can be used to serve food and entertain family and friends.
  • U-shaped modern kitchens: – U-shaped kitchens are a great way to create an attractive outdoor space. The kitchen area is enclosed. If you choose to make a spacious U-shaped kitchen there will be ample amount of space for prepping, cooking, storing, serving and entertaining guests.

Thus, with the help of the above tips you too can build beautiful modern luxury kitchens to utilise most of your outdoor area. Need expert and professional services to do this for you? Reach out to Stosa Cucine for modern luxury kitchens, today!