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8 Basic Elements for a Classic Kitchen Style

Classic kitchens are timelessly stunning and when paired with fresh decor elements create a stylish statement. Neutral color palettes and clean details are put together to create an unfussy, regal, and authentic look.

Here are the 8 elements of a classic kitchen style:

1. Simple architectural details

Subtle yet beautiful details like crown molding, legs on Island, and furniture-style toe kicks characterize classic kitchens. None of the design elements are too over the top which makes the designs understated yet gorgeous. A classic kitchen style goes well with the both ordinary and extraordinary decor. Every element and detail is well thought out and adds to the charm of the kitchen.

2. Keeping it light

Classic kitchens are all about keeping it simple, fresh, and timeless rather than making the design dark, traditional, or complicated. Most classic color schemes have a prominent light color scheme with occasional dark accents. Creamy hues when complimented with dark contrasts like black cast quartz countertops, dark flooring, or stainless steel appliances can create a stunning classic look.

3. Classic kitchen cabinets

Classic kitchen cabinets have a timeless appeal and add warmth to your kitchen space. Timeless designs are not about being fancy but rather simple and understated. A simple shaker-style cabinet door or a bit of bread molding inside the panel can add element of fun to your otherwise simple kitchen design.

4. The perfect kitchen layout

The main ingredient of a successful kitchen layout is focusing on the kitchen triangle (the sink, oven, and fridge). They create the anchor of the direction in which the rest of your kitchen will flow. Whether your kitchen is U-shaped, L-shaped, and galley – or built around an island, it depends on the placement of the kitchen triangle.

5. Kitchen Flooring

When designing a perfect kitchen, you cannot ignore flooring. Some of the classic flooring choices are wood and stone. Wood flooring adds warmth and character to otherwise neutral color scheme of a classic kitchen.

Stone flooring also does the same by creating a tactile element. In timeless designs, you can’t add bold colors to add “fun” to your design. Instead, go for natural stone, or a stronger marble veining to add patterns or textures. Combining materials such as quartz and granite with end-grain timber will add to the durability and resilience and makes for a stunning kitchen.

6. Fixtures and fittings

A timeless kitchen design has a cohesive look where all elements complement each other. Every detail has to be well thought be it the handles, the faucets, or the sockets. They are like the icing on the cake and ties the theme of the look together.

Classic designs are all about elegance, simplicity, and an understated charm. If you like refined and neutral decor, you will love the concept of a classic design kitchen. You can explore our modern kitchens design if you are looking for designs that suit your taste.