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Designing Your Living Room? Contemporary Trends to Consider

Did you know that the living room is one of the top five most-wanted specialty rooms for homeowners in the US? A report by the National Association of Home Builders shows that 62% of people prefer separate living rooms, while 64% want a great room that combines the kitchen, family room, and living area. These responses indicate the importance of the living room in a modern American home. Today’s homeowners want a dedicated space to relax and entertain, and a beautifully designed living room can cater to this need. From custom living room furniture to thoughtful layouts, the options are endless for designing your dream living space. Let’s break down the top trends to consider for creating a stunning living room at the heart of your home.

1. Open Layouts

Today, a majority of homeowners and new home buyers are willing to experiment with open-concept designs. An open concept living area combines the kitchen, dining room, and lounge breaking free of traditional layouts. A professional interior designer can help you achieve a harmony of styles across these spaces to strike a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. With their help, you can match and coordinate colors, finishes, and accents to establish seamlessness of style.

2. Space-Saving Storage

As the living room becomes more than a place to lounge, it is more important than ever to bridge the gap between form and function. Contemporary trends in living room design highlight the growing popularity of space-saving storage. From equipped walls to living area shelves, you can explore countless options to transform the lounge.

3. Natural Inspiration

Since the pandemic, the living room has become the go-to space for comfort and soothing among many homeowners. It is now the ultimate space for relaxation, allowing people to experience peace and tranquility. This development has led many homeowners to opt for natural finishes and soothing nature-inspired color palettes for their living rooms. Today, they are increasingly choosing rich wooden surfaces, earthy tones, and neutral colors to beautify their lounge.

4. Multipurpose Designs

As a growing number of people work from their homes, it has become imperative to design the living area as a multipurpose space. Customized tables can often double as storage options and workspaces, ensuring versatility and flexibility for multipurpose use. You can consult your interior designer to discuss ways to configure a smart home office integrated with your lounge.

5. Conversation-starter Pieces

Conversation-starters can accent your modern living room and add an interesting pop of color. For example, you can go for customized chairs in unique designs to add originality and intrigue to your living room design. Other accent pieces like specialty lights or artwork can also brighten up your lounge and maximize its appeal.

These exciting trends can help you create a charming living area that is perfect for your needs. You can mix and match different options to bring your vision to life. Consult the team at Stosa Cucine New York today to discuss your options and design a plan for a beautiful living room that is you!