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Does your kitchen define you by these four personalities?

Just like how a home speaks of your personality, so does your kitchen to a larger extent. Many say that how you maintain your surroundings is what determines the state of your mind. We would like to add to this notion, that it also defines the time you invested for yourself.

In this post, we’ll take you through some interesting personality-oriented modern Italian kitchens. These kitchen designs are best suited to the type of personality you are or aspire to become.

Types of kitchens that define your personality

These kitchen designs mentioned are in no way meant to judge your lifestyle, rather they’re meant to elevate your perspective. Let’s take a closer look at what we mean when we say that a kitchen’s personality is your personality.

1. The city-dweller

No matter where you live, if you are the type who loves a good versatility in vintage styles then the Stosa City Kitchens are meant for you. It’s got all the elements a busy professional need to cook a fast meal or snack and storm out the door for work. It has framed, wooden panel flooring. The kitchen design offers unique tactile and visual sensations due to the finish of the materials used. As far as the vintage styles are concerned, it touches the past while also bringing it up to date, touching on recent traditions.

2. The minimalist homey

Many people love it when there’s absolutely nothing around with just a few essentials. While the rest of the required kitchen appliances can be stacked in a more organized manner, the Stosa Alevé Kitchens offer order and compactness. This kitchen is young and well-balanced, and it also adds city glamor styles. The flooring is UV lacquer, and is available in gloss and matte finish. The geometric lines of the units are multicolored with gray and green tones combined with light and dark shades. With a glamor touch of red, its intensity gives a dash of color, typical of Alevè’s essential style.

3. The contrasting personality

You might be the type that loves a kitchen blended with different styles. Well, we have the perfect one for you, the Stosa Karma Kitchen. This kitchen design defines modern Italian kitchens with clean-cut layouts and essential shapes. It has contrasting materials and colors, and doors designed with integrated handles, from full to partial length and counter-grip handles.

4. The dynamic thinker

If you are looking for linear designs with endless creativity, the Stosa Infinity Kitchen is for you. This kitchen design would suit your personality with its wide range of colors and finishes. It even has the dynamism of brightly colored metropolitan looks, combined with a wooden finish and high-tech solutions. With the Stosa Infinity Kitchen, you get to live the best of both worlds, from light and dark, to combinations of color and wood, volume, and careful use of solid and open spaces.

Do any of the above Stosa Kitchen designs define your personality? If not, connect with us to find you the perfect customer kitchen design.