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Four Classic Kitchen Designs That Will Leave You Spellbound

Your kitchen deserves an upgrade from time to time. Likewise, if you are planning to move into a new home, one of the main spaces that you want to look amazing will be your kitchen. It’s a place you are either excited to be in or not, and this is defined by the way your kitchen is designed. Much of the appeal of a kitchen is based on two factors – the aesthetics and more importantly, the functionality. That said, classic kitchens are meant to exude a timeless appeal with simple vibes. The freshness of designs will give you enough reason to want to cook meals and experiment with new dishes, simply because the functional design makes it easy for you.

In this post, we will share with you four classic kitchen designs that will leave you spellbound. We can’t promise that you would be able to choose just one.

Four classic kitchen designs that appeal to your senses

These four Stosa kitchens are the real deal when it comes to integrating contemporary styles to match various themes and styles. Feel free to head over to our classic kitchen designs section to see what works best for your home.

Without further ado, let’s get cooking!

  1. Stosa Tosca Kitchen – The Tosca kitchen bears a modern look but with a classic range of finishes, colors and smart ergonomics. Its wooden flooring adds warmth to the ambience, creating an environment of natural materials in the surrounding. This classic kitchen design blends materials and finishes, slatted and smooth doors, lacquered steel and wood.
  1. Stosa Beverly Kitchen – Rising from the spirit of artisan craftsmanship, Beverly kitchen extends minimalism with a classic feel. With this classic kitchen, you will get the vibes of homeliness and functionality put together. It has a contrast between clean-cut volumes and finishes, giving it an eclectic and versatile look.
  1. Stosa Virginia Kitchens – Virginia classic kitchens come with wooden flooring along with brushed handles, and flower motifs inlaid on capitals and doors. The beauty and appeal of this kitchen reassures rustic warmth in a sublime manner. The designs exude genuine tradition as the refined shades chosen here are available glazed or solid.
  1. Stosa Newport Kitchen – Newport kitchens come with the element of wood that is a favorite in the global market. These classic kitchens are designed with alternating materials and finishes to produce a wider range of looks. Ideal for both traditional and metropolitan contexts, the Newport kitchen merges shaker doors and large areas of glass into a composition characterized by versatile lines. The doors are lightweight and feature inward sloping elements with slender horizontal rails containing functional handles.

It’s a given with classic kitchen designs and their aura of timelessness. While regular-looking normal kitchens changed over time, they can still get modified with the introduction of new elements. However, in the case of classic kitchens, there’s not much to change or modernize every two years. Over time, these kitchens will still look amazing, giving you no reason to worry in the future as well.