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SET K11 for Kids

As they grow up, children want to demonstrate their autonomy. What makes them more comfortable than an open closet in which to hang everyday clothes? If, then, the desire to play is still great, the reclining desk is a solution that leaves free space to dance, play an instrument or to tell the first secrets to the best friend, cuddled up on the pouf.

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Wardrobes - SILOMA-Kids_Set11_07 - Stosa Cucine

1. Hinged door wardrobe
2. 5.0 Wall walk-in closet
3. Flexy drop-leaf desk
4. System box open wall unit
5. Stripe bed with bookcase

Wardrobes - SILOMA-Kids_Set11_08 - Stosa Cucine

1. Bianco Alaska
2. Limone
3. Frassino
4. Pistacchio
5. Avio