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SET K19 for Kids

By involving two walls, the corner of the room houses a deep walk-in closet, on the side of which rests the open bookcase. Under the overhead unit, the headboard of the bed and the details of the bedside table with a large countertop, create a play of relaxing references, in terms of color and style.

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Wardrobes - SILOMA-Kids_Set19_07 - Stosa Cucine

1. Eureka bookcase
2. Linear walk-in closet
3. Overhead unit with C metal side
4. Ruler desk with Vi leg
5. Flexy bed with run bed surround

Wardrobes - SILOMA-Kids_Set19_08 - Stosa Cucine

1. Rovere Bianco
2. Acquamarina 2005
3. Ottanio 5020