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SET K22 for Kids

A real castle for two. Children love loft beds because they create intimate corners in which to rest in complete tranquility. The ladder and railing are child-proof. The room is functional and beautiful to live in: everything finds space, in the closet and on the large desk.

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Wardrobes - SILOMA-Kids_Set22_07 - Stosa Cucine

1. Linear walk-in closet
2. Bookcase 18 mm thick
3. Compact bunk bed
4. Nr. 2 HT desks with thick side panels
5. Manhattan shelves

Wardrobes - SILOMA-Kids_Set22_08 - Stosa Cucine

1. Bianco Alaska
2. Cielo 4020
3. Grigio Chiaro
4. Rovere nodato miele