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SET K24 for Kids

The loft bed combines the irresistible charm of sleeping at the top with the practicality of a space-saving solution. In the case of two siblings or when the friend is a regular guest, the two beds are comfortable, safe and, above all, easy to tidy up. The corner walk-in closet, the bookcase and the shaped desk are essential elements for children who grow up quickly.

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Wardrobes - SILOMA-Kids_Set24_07 - Stosa Cucine

1. Plus walk-in closet
2. Bookcase 30 mm thick
3. Tris low bed Anon model
4. Shaped desk with Loop leg

Wardrobes - SILOMA-Kids_Set24_08 - Stosa Cucine

1. Rovere Bianco
2. Grigio Seta
3. Avio