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SET Y06 for Young

When the furnishings combine to design a modern organized space, the bedroom becomes a real habitat that makes you feel good, protected and serene. Nordic-inspired, the benches under the window flank the desk which, together with bed, hinged door wardrobe, walk-in closet, wall units and base elements, ensure order and style.

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Wardrobes - SILOMA-Young_Set06_05 - Stosa Cucine

1. Hinged door wardrobe
2. Wall walk-in closet
3. Tomorrow TAG single bed
4. Wall and base units
5. Tray bedside unit
6. 50 mm thick desk

Wardrobes - SILOMA-Young_Set06_06 - Stosa Cucine

1. Paprika 3560
2. Lava
3. Rovere nodato miele