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Custom Made Furniture That Will Make Your Home Office Productive

Walk into any office and you get a sense, a feel, a vibe! These are attributed to the design of the office. Let’s take into consideration the space and size of an office. Given that all offices are designed and interiors are planned based on the budget, however, the furnishings are placed and integrated to adapt to its surroundings. It’s from the furnishings that define the three elements of your office.

Now, taking into account office furnishings, there’s also your home office that needs definition. Stosa Kitchen Store New York offers custom home office furniture to navigate every sense, feel, and vibe towards a productive day.

Work from home furniture that gets the work done

What better than a day that’s productive? You look forward to your home office because it calls to you. If it doesn’t call to you then you need better office furniture to match the décor of your surroundings at home.

Stosa Kitchen Store New York’s custom home office furniture provides you with operative furniture including a desk and attached cabinet. You get furniture systems with adjustable heights to suit your personal space. For instance, Seguo offers a worktop system with adjustable height. Using this furniture, you can hold a meeting seated or standing, ensuring physical wellness. It has a manual mechanism so you don’t have to depend on electric power.

Its features further include:

  • Meeting table with a system designed for manually lifting the table
  • Available in square, rectangular, and circular worktop
  • Has a single training table with foldable top and castors
  • The Rectangular table comes with manual elevation, folding top and brake system castors
  • Fitted with constant inertia up and down mechanism
  • 2 finishes for the metal frames
  • Worktops available in 3 wood finishes and 4 plain colors

Sitting at working at home should not tire you

With custom made furniture, the benefits are long lasting. One of the major challenges of working at home is the visible borderline of working hours. You think it’s okay to continue working at an extendable timeline as long as you can meet your deadlines. That said, these deadlines are always catching on, so the best way for you to deal with them is manage your time. To support your struggles with work or to add to your productivity, we bring to your Stosa Kitchen Store New York seating.

You need an ergonomic throne that makes your work comfort-zoned. Take for instance the Athena chair with its strong and modern design. It is designed with straight lines, varied thickness and proportions. With its new backrest design, the cantilever version enhances the armchair personality.

With this chair, you get the following features:

  • Swivel base/Sled Frame
  • Seat
  • Backrest
  • Armrests

Budget mixed with comfort

If you’re going all in, we support your decision to get the most expensive home office furniture. However, you can factor in the hours you’ll be spending at your home desk, the comfort level you require, and whether or not you can afford what you’re looking for! Feel free to have a look at our custom-made furniture designs, and connect with us to get your custom home office furniture.