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Five Design Tips for your elegant Modern Kitchen

Nothing says gorgeous like elegant modern kitchens. They’ve got the looks and make you feel like you belong to the new ages. That is if you figure out how it needs to be designed.

When it comes to modern kitchens, there are a few elements you must factor in:

  • Sharp and straight-lined furniture that come with defined blocks and angles for a clean and charming finish.
  • Stainless steel and glass as furniture material. Less or no hardwood materials.
  • Storage space that does not compromise on aesthetics.
  • Favor bold colors and patterns over contrasts. Keep it minimalistic and sleek.

If you’ve kept the above aspects in mind while getting your kitchen designed, you’ve got an extravagant modern kitchen. Your kitchen will be a marvel to look at, including guests.

While these elements are what can help create a base for your kitchen, we’ve come with these five major design tips to spice it up.

Five design tips for your elegant modern kitchen

If you’re the type who loves to move around the kitchen and cook up amazing dishes, these tips will come in handy when moving into a new house. Or, if you have a family member who’s the one with great taste for cooking, you’ll know how important this post would be for them.

1. Walk about without dashing into the walls – Basically, maintain empty corners. Elegant modern kitchens are those that come with clear corners. Do not add a feature for storage there, it’s just going to crowd things up.

2. Figure out the use of your kitchen island – The kitchen island is the space in the center. It is centrally placed so that you don’t have to move around the kitchen too much while preparing a dish. So, you can determine how the island needs to be designed based on whether you want to use it more for cooking, prepping, or washing.

3. The cooking range will define the interiors – Are you looking for a regular stove, a range oven, or a single oven? A stove on the counter top will lead to deciding the height of the stove height and counter height. A standalone range will determine the gap required for fitting the cooking range.

4. Reach it all quickly – Everything in your kitchen should be like a coordinated dance step. You should not feel like you’re taking too many turns, enough to spin your head. The sink, cabinets, stove, etc. need to be placed in arm’s reach. This includes the prepping area, the cooking, and storage section as well.

5. Design the space keeping the crowd in mind – It’s not just going to be you and your solitude. Kitchens are like that casual meeting point within a home. The family members may need something from the kitchen or pop in to see what’s cooking. Either way, you need to make sure that there’s enough space to accommodate a wide walkway.

So, these are the five design tips you can consider while getting your kitchen built up in the new or existing home.