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Five Elements for a Large Living Room in New York

If you have a large living room in New York, you’re one of the few lucky ones, and this post is for you. While you have a large space, consider it your canvas to paint across wisely. Modern living room furniture New York options are varied but few, and you’ll have to plan its layout strategically. A lot goes into setting furniture in a living room, which is why we’re here to give you crucial advice.

Five elements to add to your large living room

If you haven’t yet decided on what to make from custom-made furniture, you’ve come here at the right time. Let’s talk about what’s good for your living room.

  1. Sofa – Placing the sofa in your living room requires careful thought, the first aspect of which to consider is the number. How many members or people do you want to accommodate on that sofa? Buy a solid piece with few family members, but if you have a larger family, buy a sectional sofa. After number comes the styles aspect, so look for what’s trending. But, at the same time, your priority should be long-term use as sofas tend to stick around for five to ten years at the most.
  2. Coffee Table or End table – Buying a coffee table or an end table truly depends on what you prefer. If you want a table to place your magazines, glasses, TV remote, and of course, coffee mug, then choose a coffee table. If you want a more ‘open’ feel to the living room, get an end table.
  3. Recliners or chairs – Accent or recliner chairs offer a great way to add seating options for your guests. So, after placing your sofa at an appropriate position, it’s time to decide where the chairs go. Make sure to coordinate the style of the chairs to go with the sofa or sofa set. You can consider these three factors while customizing chairs for your living room.
  4. Side table – Now the coffee and end tables have a different function. The side table is best kept beside long sofas. It’s a great addition, especially if one coffee table is not enough and more people tend to visit your home.
  5. Entertainment Unit – Most living rooms have television sets mounted to the wall. Additionally, there could be a fireplace and deciding their placement can get a little tricky in larger spaces. Use a media console that blends well into the living room, or a TV armoire for a hidden look. A TV armoire has cabinets that can be used to conceal the TV when not in use.

So, these are essentially five elements that you can consider adding in your living room. If you have more space, you can choose to add custom home office furniture. This is applicable if you don’t have too many people dropping in at home. Or, you could simply shift your work to a separate room. You can also make sure you don’t make these four mistakes when choosing custom home furniture.