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5 Best-Seller Layout Styles for with Custom Living Room Furniture

What do you want to see when you enter your home? A beautiful living room that welcomes you with a warm sofa and a soft carpet. Some want all this and more. Every homeowner has  different tastes and style, and each family member wants their own style too. How do you decide whose taste to go with?

Five layout styles to choose with custom living room furniture

Stosa Cucine is your reliable custom furniture company that offers affordable and impressive custom design furniture. Here are a few layouts that can help you decide how to start and where.

1. Larger pieces first

The larger pieces in custom living room furniture are usually the sofa or armchair. Position them towards the room’s most prominent location, preferably in front of the TV, gallery wall or fireplace. You want to avoid placing any large piece of furniture against the window, so as not to obstruct the incoming natural light.

Then move on to the smaller pieces of furniture like the chairs and other seats next to the large pieces. If you have ottomans, lamps, or coffee tables, fill them in the spaces left by the large and small seating areas. How to make sure you’ve done it right? Place the table top within reach of the sofa.

2. Center-stage

Allow your custom design furniture to take the center space rather than placing them against the wall. The last thing you want to do is make everything look too cramped. When you have space to move around, it’s because you decided to free up the wall space.

3. Versatile switching

You may love a certain style today, but want to spruce it up tomorrow. In that case, make sure that your living room has enough room for flexibility. Fill up empty corners with a lightweight chair, so you can pull it out and shift it whenever you need a new look. Add ottomans or stools as side tables for drinks or to serve guests.

4. Define your living room space with a large rug

Some people like a more confined look, a controlled atmosphere that peacefully arranges itself. By this, we mean placing a large area rug under your sofa, tables, ottoman, and seats, to bring it all together. Make sure that the front legs of the seats are covered over the rug, if the rug isn’t big enough.

5. Bring everyone closer for meaningful conversation

What’s a living room if the family members can’t get together to have a warm conversation? Pull the seating close to the middle of the living room in a way to face each other. Want to heighten the experience during that great conversation? Put a coffee table in the middle within reach and to place your favorite beverage.

Want to pick and choose your custom design furniture? Reach out to our custom furniture company representative today. We’ll make sure you have a living room that sparks the best family conversations.