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Top Five Dining Experiences Your Kitchen Deserves

We’ve had plenty of clients come to us with a common question:  what type of table and chairs would suit my kitchen? The simple answer to this is, it depends.  Because your kitchen space will define the type of dining experience you deserve.

Top five dining table experiences for your kitchen

Modern kitchen New York styles are a space challenge when it comes to the best dining experience. You may get in touch with us if you’re looking for customized tables and customized chairs. For now, let’s go ahead and explore the top five dining experiences your kitchen deserves.

1. Round dining table – Mikado

A Mikado is a round and fixed table with a solid beech frame and legs. It has a glass top for a perfect chic and elegant setting for peaceful mealtimes. Round tables prevent accidental bumps due to the soft edges making it a preferable option when you live with children and grandparents.

2. Rectangular extendable dining table – Oslo

Paired with a wooden frame and legs, top in TSS melamine, the Oslo comes with extensions. Need more space on the table? It’s extendable to your comfort. This feature means you can fold down the extension flaps when they’re not needed. It’s basically a two-in-one bonus addition to your dining experience.

3. Strong-legged dining table – Shanghai

A Shanghai table is mostly designed with a wooden top. It is designed with a strong base which means the legs are tilted to cover maximum area for supporting the top. The legs are overlapped in an asymmetric way on a central axis.

4. Square dining table with extensions – Londra

Another extendable table that’s square-shaped this time. There’s comfort in space with strong iron legs. The wooden table top comes in different colors and finishes, from Larice Brown to Nero Marquinia and Cemento Vision among many other shades.

5. The pull-out dining table – Vertigo

Maybe the above image doesn’t quite do its part of self-explanation, but this is by far one of our best-sellers. This table is a pull-out dining table especially useful when you have multiple guests at home. It’s a space-saver with a pull-out length of 160 to 190 cm.  The beautiful laminate top that comes in a brill finish.

What makes a great dining experience for your guests?

If you’re expecting guests, you want them to feel as comfortable as you do at home. For this, it’s essential that you deliver a warm and friendly environment at the table. Make sure that you have all the cutlery ready, so you don’t have to keep missing out on fun conversations. Show your guests how much you care by having the table all ready, from napkins to serving spoons. Diffuse any tension by making your guests feel at home.  One of the ways is choosing your kitchen lighting. You can consider these lighting ideas for your kitchen. Your guests will love the décor and the vibe. It’s time to give yourself and everyone who seats down a dining experience to remember.