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How to use the Drawers of Your Modern Kitchen

If you remember right now where you kept that old utensil you used six months ago, it would most likely be difficult. Memory serves us till a minute ago, but yesterday is a distant time that cannot keep up with a fast-paced lifestyle. That is why, you need a modern kitchen design that helps keep necessary accessories in categorized drawers. Just like filing cabinets, kitchen drawers can store items that you use once in six months versus those used once every month versus the ones used every day.

Therefore, a well-organized kitchen drawer makes life easier and leaves less of a memory burden on you. Let’s explore some of these interesting ways to streamline your kitchen.

Streamlining items in your kitchen – keeping things organized

The way you use your drawers will define your journey in the kitchen. Much like a walk in the park; the bench is placed for you to sit and relax. Then there’s a designated lane to walk, and a few slides for the kids to have fun and play with their friends.

Much in the same way, your kitchen drawers will give you what you put into them.

  • Minimum movement for the glassware drawer – items made from glass need to be placed carefully and thoughtfully. So, if you are placing them in drawers, make sure they’re in a drawer that is strategically located. This means that you should not place them in a lower drawer with maximum movement involved. Keep them placed closer to the platform top so when you need to remove them, there’s less risk of dropping them or striking them against hard surfaces.
  • Larger drawers for pots and pans – Pots and pans are likely to be made from steel, so they are heavier. These not so fragile items can be placed in lower drawers that are bigger in size. Placing nearly three to four pots or pans in the same drawer is appropriate. Make sure to place them in the drawers located in the same area so accessibility is easier.
  • Angular kitchen drawers for sharp and delicate objects – There might be a few corners that go unutilized when it comes to kitchen drawer spaces. These spaces can be used to construct angular kitchen drawers and you can put sharp objects like knives, cutters, peelers, etc.
  • Utensil drawers closest to the gas stove range – Always make sure that your cooking utensils like the stirrer, mesh skimmer, bigger spoons, ladle, etc. are kept in a drawer that is easily reachable. By reachable, we mean making sure they are placed in the absolutely closest drawer, like right under your nose as you cook. This makes it easier for you to use the right utensil for stirring, tossing, or frying, with minimum movement around the kitchen.

So, as you can see, these valuable suggestions can help you move around in a more sophisticated manner. That said, if you are planning for a modern kitchen, reach out to us for customizing one for you.