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Must-Have Features for Modern Kitchens in NYC

New York City is known for a myriad of things, but one of them is its stunning architecture and swanky interiors. You can step into any townhouse or cobblestone apartment in the Big Apple, and the interiors will instantly woo your heart. Talking about interiors, the modern approach to design is everyone’s favorite. Décor enthusiasts understand the significance of embracing everything in vogue, and modern kitchens in NYC are no exception. New Yorkers love the idea of having a contemporary kitchen that is efficient, stylish, and functional, and if you want to stay atop the latest must-have features for modern kitchens in NYC, we might have some information for you!

Space-efficient Design

Nothing screams a modern kitchen more than open floor plans. In New York City, where space is a luxury, creating a clever yet conveniently ample layout is one of the biggest tasks. If you want to utilize the most of any limited space available for your kitchen, an open floor plan with an integrated dining space is the way to go. In addition, you can always go for compact appliances, built-in storage, custom, multi-functional furniture, and more to maximize space. If possible, consider a galley kitchen layout, which uses two parallel counters to make the most out of narrow spaces, or an island kitchen that adds storage and workspace to your confined cooking area.

High-quality Appliances

Technology has evolved far beyond human comprehension, and this should be reflected in your modern kitchens. We are not talking about futuristic, sci-fi techniques here; we are talking more about high-quality appliances designed for performance. When it’s about your kitchen, amalgamate just the right amount of functionality with aesthetics by using stainless steel appliances because they offer durability with a sleek appeal. You can also bring home smart appliances and multipurpose ones such as refrigerators and dishwasher drawers to save space and maintain a streamlined appeal.

Ample Storage:

In a compact NYC kitchen, storage space is precious. Cabinetry that reaches the ceiling, pull-out pantry shelves, and deep drawers offer efficient storage solutions. Customized storage options like pull-out spice racks, vertical dividers for baking sheets, and pull-out trash bins help keep your kitchen organized, and you can even consider open shelving for a more modern and airier feel.

Under-Cabinet Lighting:

Proper lighting is essential in any kitchen, and under-cabinet lighting is a must-have feature for modern kitchens in NYC. It enhances the aesthetic appeal and provides task lighting for food preparation. Puck Lights or LED strips are an excellent energy-efficient way to create a warm and welcoming ambience, and they would look stunning with an urban-inspired backsplash that complements the city’s character.

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The Bottom Line

Gone are the days when the definition of modern kitchens was limited to minimalism. There’s no denying that minimal themes are a hit for modern kitchens in NYC, but functionality is the core of contemporary spaces. You can also create a modern kitchen by incorporating some timeless décor features like hardwood cabinets and Italian accents into your outmoded design. Searching for custom-made furnishings to give your kitchen a modern makeover? Find them at Stosa Cucine, NYC today!