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Modern Kitchen Wardrobe Designs to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Let’s face it: your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. It is a hub for your culinary expeditions, a safe space for cooking three meals a day, and most importantly a storage space for all your pantry items. Whether you are starting from scratch, planning a kitchen makeover, or want to make small yet impactful changes, kitchen pantries and cabinets can instantly change the mood of your kitchen.

Some people don’t go beyond boring old cupboards, but you can be creative with your cabinet choices. From detailed wooden cabinets to classic stains and bold paints, here are some modern kitchen wardrobesthat can serve as an inspiration for your next kitchen renovation project!

Stained Glass Panels with Wooden Cabinets

If you think the stained glass trend has been long gone, you are mistaken. Most people think that stained glass cabinets were once a popular choice that fell out of favor in recent years. This isn’t true. Stained glass panels with wooden cabinets render a vintage and rustic touch to your kitchen while adding a touch of elegance. They provide just the perfect amount of translucence to make your kitchen look tidy without any setbacks.

Dark Stained Wood

Do you love the idea of having something regal yet simple included in your kitchen? If the answer is yes, dark-stained wood can be your one-stop solution. It can act as a counterbalance to all the saturated hues in your interiors and lend a “been here forever” aura. The best part about dark shades is that they align with your yearnings for comfort that you felt in old homes like that of your grandparents’, and having dark stained wooden cabinetry does exactly that!

White Oak Cabinets

Sometimes minimalism is the answer to everything. If you cherish light colors in your décor, white oak cabinetry can be an excellent way to keep your home’s warmth and make everything feel cohesive. White oak is versatile and can blend seamlessly with almost everything in your décor, so if you are renovating and don’t have an elaborate budget, this is an exquisite idea.

Pastel Cabinets

Would you like your kitchen to look like it has come to life as a 1940s bungalow? Well, if you like a colorful but not overwhelming vibe in your kitchen, you can paint your cabinetry in two pastels. Shades like stone, blue, emerald green, or peachy pink hues can keep your cabinets playful without the extra drama you despise.

Sky High Cabinets

Do you want to sneak extra storage into your kitchen without snaking cupboards around the

room? If you love to have that extra storage space, installing cabinets above counters can be your go-to option to make your space uncluttered. Just don’t forget your step stool, and you will be fine!

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Once you have decided on the look, go for professionally crafted furnishings to bring your dream kitchen to life. Kitchen wardrobes can make or break the look of your kitchen, and if you want the best cabinets for your kitchen, go for Stosa Cucine, NYC. The options are limitless, and the quality is impeccable.